Allergic reactions can manifest themselves in a variety of ways. Here you will find the main symptoms of an allergic reaction.

Most people relates allergies to the environment, medicines and food, however, there's a broader spectrum of elements that generate allergic reactions.

Quincke's Edema is also known as angioedema. It is a rare condition where the allergic reaction does not occur in the skin but in the subcutaneous tissue, its origin is genetic and is caused by functional deficiency of C1 inhibitory enzyme. It involves inflammation of the face, especially in the eyes and mouth, but can become dangerous because it can cause suffocation.

Food allergies are reactions of the immune system caused by the consumption of a specific food. The reactions may vary and generally they are related to an alteration in the digestive system such as vomiting or diarrhea, however, foods can also cause allergy if they are in contact with the skin or after respiratory exposure. In the first case they may cause dermatitis and urticaria, among others, while in the second they can cause problems related to the respiratory system, such as asthma or rhinitis.


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