Quincke's Edema is also known as angioedema. It is a rare condition where the allergic reaction does not occur in the skin but in the subcutaneous tissue, its origin is genetic and is caused by functional deficiency of C1 inhibitory enzyme. It involves inflammation of the face, especially in the eyes and mouth, but can become dangerous because it can cause suffocation.

An adequate diagnosis is essential to avoid fatal consequences, which although rare, can occur when the allergy reaches all tissues of the body. An anaphylactic shock usually manifests with the presence of a itching sensation that progressively progresses throughout the body to the throat where an asthma crisis will appear. In addition, these symptoms may be accompanied by nausea and abdominal pain. Patients with Quincke Edema should be monitored regularly by a professional who is familiar with this condition.

The main allergens involved are: anesthetics, insect bites, medications, food, and even contact with latex. The allergic reaction can also be caused by intolerance to ultraviolet rays and prolonged exposure to the sun can produce the symptoms.

If there is an urgency with Angioedema symptoms (swelling of the lips, eyes, face and throat), the presence of an anaphylactic shock should be prevented. A professional must inject Adrenaline to the patient to counteract the allergic reaction. It will be necessary to communicate to an emergency service and controlling the symptoms as quickly as possible. Afterwards the patient should be tested to detect the allergen responsible and start a diagnosis-driven treatment, mostly preventing new exposures.

FABER is the ideal test to do so, since it only requires a small blood sample, without interrupting your medication.


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