Most people relates allergies to the environment, medicines and food, however, there's a broader spectrum of elements that generate allergic reactions.

There are well documented cases of weird allergies. The 5 most weird are:

1. Allergies to kiss

Although it may seem incredible, a passionate kiss can become the kiss of death for someone who has severe food allergies, allergies to cosmetics or some medications. The exchange of saliva can cause chemicals or food particles to be transferred to the allergic individual and can cause from a slight swelling in the area where the kiss has been received, but it can become deadly due to anaphylactic shock.

2. Allergy to sex

Continuing with allergies involving intimacy, the allergy to sex is better known as hypersensitivity to semen. It causes swelling, hives, itchy genitals and for this reason sometimes the allergy is mistaken for a sexually transmitted disease. Perhaps the best indicator to know whether or not you have this allergy is that symptoms appear within minutes of contact. The most common treatments are condom use and slow desensitization.

3. Allergy to water

It is known as aquagenic urticaria. Although the human body is made up of 60% of fluids, the truth is that there are several documented cases of people with this condition. Some cases are so extreme that even a short contact with water can cause a painful itchy rash that lasts for hours. In some cases the throat is closed when drinking water.

4. Allergy to Exercise

Even if you've ever met someone who seems to be allergic to exercise, the reality is that there are people who really are. The allergic reaction is manifested by fatigue, hives, itching of the torso, neck, and extremities, but there are more serious reactions that may involve vomiting, increased blood pressure and asphyxia. People who have this condition should carry an epinephrine kit.

5. Cell phone allergy

It has been documented a growing number of people who present symptoms such as red and painful rashes along the jaw and ears. It is not the mobile that causes the allergy, but the prolonged exposure to nickel that is used in the components of the phone. On the other hand, there are people who has presented allergic reactions to the electromagnetic emissions of cell phones. People who suffers from this last one has a complicated life because at the moment practically all the devices that we use in our daily life generate these emissions to a greater or smaller extent.


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